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PieceMaker is a fun American smoking paraphernalia company that specializes in wild silicone creations. If you love blazing up but think most high-quality products are a bit too expensive and would rather have a jazzy pipe or bong instead of a sterile, chemistry-set-looking piece, this company has probably already created your dream product. Not only are PieceMaker pipes cool looking, but they’re also highly functional and super durable. This makes PieceMaker bongs an ideal choice for the clumsy, yet stylish, stoner. Us here at Weed Republic just loves this young company’s fun take on smoking accessories. Honestly, some PieceMaker silicone pipes, such as the Kermit, or the Kahuna, look almost good enough to eat. They wouldn’t look out of place in a candy store and their neon, vibrant designs will surely delight all those in the market for a girly bongPeaceMaker gear rocks and we can’t wait to share these funky pieces with you lot. Other brands you might like: DUTCHY | MAGICAL BUTTER | NECTAR COLLECTOR | VUBER | ITEM9 LABS

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