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We all love taking a huge rip of primo bud right to the face. Chillums and other small pipes are fantastic for discretion, smoking on the go, and otherwise lowkey smoke sessions, but taking too big of a rip through a tiny, unfiltered pipe will have you coughing up a lung (so much for discretion). You could always go with some sort of water pipe to help with that issue, like one of these mini bongs, but even those can't begin to compare to the massive rips you can milk in bigger bongs. Now you can even get a piece that will let you take rips like a proper bong but without the hassle of keeping it filled with water and ice. If you've ever used a steamroller pipe, then you're already familiar with the concept of a straight tube pipe with an open end for carbing. Well now you can get a tremendous version of this straight pipe with steamroller bongs! These awesome pieces are basically the neck of a pretty sizable bong with a bowl (or female bong bowl joint) right in the side of it. That means you can milk enormous hits in these things, just like a bong, then pull your hand off the back end and take that hit right to the face. If you prefer ginormous rips to a series of smaller hits, steam roller bongs will do exactly what you're after.
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  • Mathematix Glass Ashcatcher Steam Roller Hand Pipe - Clear
    Hand pipe Mathematix Glass Ashcatcher Steam Roller Hand Pipe - Clear
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