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J1 Strain | Jacked-Up Strain

J1 Strain | Jacked-Up Strain


OUJ12… Oh, you J1 strain, too? Jack One Piece sounds like it could be a mobster’s or a pirate’s name, but it’s actually a nickname for J1 marijuana strain – also sometimes just called Jacked One strain. The J1 weed strain is a 70% sativa/30% indica hybrid with a jacked-up strain THC level of 18-24%; under the right conditions some growth has even reached 25% THC. J1 weed gives you a happy head high, alleviating stress and depression, with some bodily relaxation, as well as boosting your appetite and busting up your pain. Some folks find J1 to be an excellent wake-and-bake strain; like a ganja-coffeezilla, it will give you a rush of energy that will last several hours, before your buzz shifts down to funky town and you are ready to be chillin’ like a villain (maybe with a snack for stoner munchies reasons). Obviously, being mostly sativa, you’d want to avoid toking, vaping, dabbing or ingesting J1 strain just before bed, when you want to get some rest right away.

Jack One, when rolled into a joint or packed into a weed pipe has a sweet-and-sour fruity taste and citrusy smell with a dank, earthy undertone, like drinking a glass of lemonade after a summer rain – only you’re getting high while doing so. It’s pretty pungent, so it’s best smoked where there’s good ventilation, like when you’re outside unless you know how to cover up weed smell.

So, we’ve told you a little bit about J1 strain, but there’s more to explain about Jack One strain. Let’s look at where it’s from, what it does for you, where you can get it and how to grow it. Are you ready? Are you jacked-up Strain?

Flower or nug of J1 weed

(Flower or nug of J1 weed, image from Sierra Weed Media on Instagram)


The birth of sativa-heavy hybrid Jack 1 marijuana strain has nothing to do with magic beans, grouchy giants, or bodacious beanstalks, what it does have to do with is pairing indica-leaning Skunk #1 and Jack Herer strongly sativa cannabis varieties, the parental pot plants of J1 strain. The Skunk #1’s 15-22% THC percentage and Jack Herer’s 18-23% THC, explains the 18-24% J1 strain THC content – it was bred for a good buzz. What’s interesting is that Jack Herer is itself bred from Skunk #1 and Haze, so that means the lineage of J1 is Skunk #1 plus Haze (Jack Herer) plus Skunk #1 – in other words, it is two parts Skunk #1 indica hybrid and 1 part Haze sativa hybrid. It’s not at all unusual in ganja growing to cross indicas (or indica hybrids) and sativas (or sativa hybrids) and get offspring that lean one way or another, just like some human kids may take more after mom or dad’s side of the family; genetics is a crapshoot sometimes – even with cannabis.

When it comes to crossbreeding cannabis, you could, hypothetically, pair mostly sativa Jack One strain with something like Thin Mint Cookies indica hybrid strain and end up with Mint J1 OG strain – or something – and it could be either an indica or sativa hybrid depending on things like the randomness of genetics or even the growing – in fact, even the exact same weed strain can be varied in sativa vs indica effects under differing growing conditions, that’s called a phenotype. Now, insofar as we could find – and we did look thoroughly, there is no Mint J1 OG strain; but you could make your own variety of weed just by pairing J1 weed with some other strain – that’s precisely how new weed strains are made. Just like with humans, some pot couplings produce better offspring than others, so your results may vary.


If you want to know what strain is like J1, here are actually a few strains with similarities to Jack One Piece, or J1 weed: Girl Scout Cookies, Gorilla Glue #4, Trainwreck, Agent Orange and Strawberry Cough – all of these being sativa-dominant hybrid weed strains with similarly mentally uplifting yet bodily relaxing effects and respectable amounts of THC.

Willie Nelson-branded Jack One Strain
(Willie Nelson-branded Jack One Strain, images from Globs Of Dabs on Instagram)


J1 Weed Strain General Effects

J1 Weed Strain Medical Effects

J1 Weed Strain Side Effects

Uplifted 95%

Stress Relief 95%

Dry Mouth 95%

Energetic 90%

Alleviate Depression 85%

Dry Eyes 80%

Creative 80%

Fight Fatigue 80%

Nervousness 65%

Happy 75%

Pain Reduction 75%

Headache 45%

Focused 60%

Improved Appetite 55%

Muscle Cramps 35%

(Jack One crumble,(Jack One crumble, image from Alex Kingdom on Instagram)


Should you be inclined to pick up some Jack One yourself off the dispensary shelf, you can nab the eighth ounce for $25 in Seattle, WA; $20 an 8th in Phoenix, AZ; and you can get some jack to pack in your pipe for $70 per 1/8th oz-in Los Angeles, CA. Maybe you’re more of a vaper or dabber and prefer your Jack One Piece in concentrated form; you would pay approximately $39 for a 1-gram oil cart of J1 strain in Tacoma, WA; the charge is $40 for a ½-gram J1 distillate cartridge in Carson City, NV; while Portland, OR, will sell you J1 Kush shatter for $17/gram. Pot prices for leaf or concentrates do vary to some degree from dispensary to dispensary, between one city neighborhood and another, within a state or in other states. Consult online dispensary menus and call ahead to check prices and availability at your local provisioning center when you are shopping for J1 cannabis or any other specific strain. Keep in mind, when budgeting for some buds that most places charge additional municipal and state taxes.

It’s not usually specified whether weed-food medible manufacturers use J1 or any particular weed strain – generally they are concerned with the amount of THC and whether something is an indica or sativa, but the staff at the dispensary may know if you ask. Or, you could even make your own weed cookies or maybe a batch of cannabutter brownies with some Jack 1 strain pot that you made into cannabutter, or even the mighty-mighty hashbutter! Whatever kind of cannabis confection you bake with Jack One, it’s gonna turbo-boost your brain, shred stress and depression, relax your sore body, amp up your appetite and depower your pain!


J1 marijuana plant,

(J1 marijuana plant, image from Millennium Green Organic on Instagram)


If you have yourself some room in your greenhouse or garden for another ganja strain to grow, then you could plant a plot of Jack One strain pot; J1 strain outdoor harvest time is 49 days (7 weeks) and 63 days (9 weeks) if you cultivate J1 strain cannabis under sunlamps indoors. The J1 marijuana bud bushes generally reach around 6 feet tall, with some topping out at 78 inches or 6½ feet. The yield of J1 weed varies from 3 ounces per square foot in hothouse conditions to 6 ounces per square foot in the open air and sunshine. Jack One Piece flowers are dense with a light green surface and covered in trichomes with thick orange hairs; the nugs have a decidedly dank, earthy smell.

You could pick up a massive load of Jack One seed for $229 for 25 feminized seeds (those are the fruitful ones, they birth the buds or nugs) or receive smaller ganja gobs like 10 seeds for $99, 5 for $49, or $29 for 3 of the J1 seeds at Pacific Seed; currently, the Pacific Seeds offering of Jack One strain seeds are the only one we could find available on the internet – but you could check with your local pot plantation, nursery or provisioning center, they might have some J1 seeds or seedlings available to buy.


Skunk#1, one of the parent pot plants of J1 strain(Skunk#1, one of the parent pot plants of J1 strain, image from Betty Bluker 69 on Instagram)


Those were the facts, Jack, when it comes to J1 marijuana strain – it’s not complicated, not rocket science, just a stimulating sativa-heavy hybrid weed variety with some heady uplifting effects from a decent J1 strain THC content, 18-24%. Jack One Piece was born of the crossbreeding between two popular and potent pot plants, Jack Herer and Skunk #1 – a sativa hybrid and an indica hybrid, respectively, both with considerable THC ranges themselves. J1 weed is a good choice for recreational smokers and tokers (and, yes, midnight jokers) because of its focused-not-fuzzy buzz that doesn’t totally couch-lock you, and it is mighty fine medical marijuana for treating conditions such as PTSD, ADD, ADHD, as well as stress and depression. J1 Kush has a citrusy taste and smell with a hint of earthiness when burned in a weed pipe or bong bowl.

You can buy Jack One strain in leaf or concentrate forms at many offline pot shops, principally west of the Mississippi in the United States; though the seeds are only being offered by Pacific Seed at this time. Growing your own crop of J1 strain takes 7 to 9 weeks, depending on whether it’s grown outdoors or in a greenhouse environment, and the yield will be somewhere between 3 ounces per square foot indoors and 6 ounces per square foot outside. J1 strain outdoor or indoor plant height is between 6 and 6-and-a-half feet.

Another Jack One bud to love,(Another Jack One bud to love, image from Tai's Love 4u on Instagram)

While there is no Mint J1 OG strain, we used that as an example of how weed genetics work and how random indica vs sativa preference is in pot progeny, and even phenotypes of the same strain can vary widely in effects depending upon the conditions that the plant was cultivated in. We gave you a list of similar sativa-dominant strains to show what strain is like J1 marijuana strain.

As we reach the end of this J1 strain review, for those about to take a hit, we salute you and hope you enjoy your uplifting head high, bodily relaxation and pain relief, energy boost and overall feeling of happiness. Life is good, and even better if you’re smoking down some seriously quality weed, like J1!

Megan Medeiros Written by Megan Medeiros (BA)

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