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    Customizing your weed gear is one of the most fun parts of smoking (besides, y'know, getting high. That part is pretty fun, too.) Hunting around for the piece that's just right for you is an adventure shared by nearly every regular smoker. Most of us wind up finding a bong (or bongs) along the way. Maybe your perfect bong is an eye-catching piece, like one of these pink bongs in all its colorful splendor, or it could just be something simple like one of these small bongs so that you don't always end up gagging after each hit. Once you've got your hands on the perfect bong, you'll definitely want to grab some accessories for it. Transform your bong into a dab rig simply by swapping out your usual bowl for one of these great bong nails, and keep all of your glass safe in one of these bong cases. But what are bong nails? They're a quick and easy way to turn your favorite bong into a rig for dabbing instead of having to buy an entire rig just to enjoy your concentrates. These great nails for your bong are easily used to enjoy any sort of concentrate, even CBD wax! Grab one of these bong dab rig nails today and make your ultimate rig from your favorite bong!

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