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    With all the CBD brands and products popping up left and right, it can be a bit much to decide which is right for you. After all, they all have CBD, and most of them brag about the same sort of things: how they'll help you hurt less, sleep better, and so on. So what makes one CBD brand different from another? While it may be true that all of the products labeled as containing CBD do, indeed, contain the same cannabinoid as one another, that's about as far as their inherent similarities go. CBD's many benefits are best enjoyed in the presence of other cannabinoids, as they all enhance these healing effects (even a trace amount of THC will improve these effects without getting you high). In addition to this entourage effect, the bioavailability of CBD plays a huge role in how strongly it will affect you. Basically, this means that some CBD products are designed so that your body can readily absorb them, meaning you get the maximum effect from your CBD. Original Hemp has created some of the most bioavailable, scientifically-informed CBD products on the market. You're certain to get your money's worth when you choose a high-quality brand like Original Hemp, whether it's in the form of their CBD tinctures or their CBD capsules. You can't go wrong with Original Hemp, so choose your strength and start enjoying all-natural relief today!

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