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    Between medical legalization and recreational legalization, weed is becoming more available and higher quality than we could have ever imagined. But even the nicest bud will dry out and generally lose quality if it isn't stored properly. Having a stash box or other stash container on hand is a great way to ensure the longevity of your bud. You can go with more of a centerpiece in a nice wooden box (some you can even stain and finish yourself if you're of the type to do so), something that can be left out on the living room table to catch eyes and neatly contain all of your bud and smoking accessories. If discretion is of the essence for your container needs, you can go with a stash can that looks exactly like the real thing so that nobody would think twice about it. We've even got 420 jars that are scientifically-designed to keep your bud its freshest by completely sealing off any airflow and using UV-proof glass to protect from sun damage. And if you need somewhere to store your dabs, we've got silicone stash boxes aplenty, so you can find the perfect fit for your needs. Don't let your bud just sit around in an old baggie anymore - grab a stash box today!

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