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    If you’re looking to get into dabbing, or even if you’re an experienced cannabis concentrate user and just need to update your gear, you’ll be needing a good dab rig. Dab rigs are a lot like traditional water pipes but they’re usually a lot simpler than some of the fancy dry herb glassware around. Dab rigs are commonly made out of glass or quartz and can be either clear or colored, but we highly recommend steering clear of glass and sticking with more durable quartz or titanium, as glass can become quite brittle after repeated heating and cooling. They also generally feature a downpipe that is submerged in water. The only major difference between a dab rig and a regular water pipe is the fact that the rig comes with a dab nail or banger to be heated up with a dab torch. Weed Republic carries a few different all-in-one quartz dab rigs, or you can grab a banger or nail to sub out with your usual bong bowl and make your favorite bong into a rig for dabbing. Our dab rigs with quartz bangers are great for those just getting started in the world of extracts and concentrates. Check them out below!

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