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Portable smoking has never been easier with all the incredible advancements of the twenty-first century. We still love hitting the trail with a pack of pre-rolled joints, but smoking-on-the-go is so much more than just a good blunt out in the backwoods. Now you can bring your bud without even needing a lighter thanks to dry herb vaporizers. If vaping is your thing, or if you just prefer concentrates to herb, you can always grab a dab pen battery and cartridge and head out. But if you like a traditional smoking experience and want to up your mobile smoking game, you have to check out the Incredibowl. This handy little device is unlike any other glass blunt. The Incredibowl pipe mixes the chamber of a glass blunt with the carbing capabilities of a traditional pipe. So you can load up your m420 Incredibowl just like a blunt, pop it in your pocket, and enjoy it one hit at a time on-the-go (instead of having to kill a whole blunt all at once, although Incredibowl pipes can certainly be used for power smoke sessions). If you don't want to commit to a whole blunt's worth of bud every time you use it, check out the Incredibowl mini. It has all the same smoking capabilities as the original model, just in a smaller package. Whichever size you go with, the Incredibowl is incredibly convenient and practically indestructible!
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